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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Away from Mom's kitchen!

I am working on designing my blog especially for young students at University with the least possible time to prepare a meal and a flimsy budget.

Living away from home does give our young adults the much desired freedom ,but they lose the luxury of a warm kitchen and an overstuffed refrigerator!

I believe today's students are our future. If their bodies and minds are well nourished, they will definitely achieve better academically and contribute to a brighter future.

I regularly buy fresh vegetables. If left in the fridge for few days, the leaves wilt or the freshness of the vegetable diminishes.

To maintain a healthy diet,its very important to incorporate vegetables in your meals.

Normally,we tend to shop in the supermarkets where even fresh vegetables are sold pre-packaged. So, even though I cook for two people, I end up buying more than I need for one meal.

I will try to make a list of veggies and other ingredients which freeze very well so instead of using some and trashing the rest, you can freeze them and use at a later time when needed. This way you don't have to run to the supermarket often for perishable items.

Ingredient How to freeze it

Green Chillies 
 Wash. Trim the stem off. Slit in half/cut into pieces/chop finely/mince in an electric machine
Freeze in a plastic freezer bag/any freezer safe container/aluminium foil

Select the leaves along with the tender bits of the greens.
Wash in a colander under running cold water.
Chop finely (or coarsely if you are in a rush)
Freezes best in an airtight plastic container.
Or in a freezer bag.

Use the leaves first in soups or pasta sauces.
Stalks are great to munch as snacks or with dips .

Separate the leaves,tender stalks and stalks.
Wash,chop and freeze separately.
Just one bunch of celery can be incorporated into several meals without having to buy again for weeks.

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