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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quick n easy recipes especially for University students

I enjoy home cooked food.

It doesn't have to look pretty on a plate but must be finger licking tasty indeed!

Students at Uni don't have so much time to shop,cook and clean up. So, its crucial that they get the hang of cooking good , healthy food with minimum ingredients and the least of washing up. I myself do not like lengthy cooking procedures.

My concern is that since students are generally on a limited budget,their tendency is to order cheap takeaways or to eat out at budget friendly restaurants. Little do they realize that in the half hour that the pizza delivery boy arrives, one can easily prepare a healthy,inexpensive,tasty meal.
The downside of eating takeaways or eating out is we tend to be unaware how many excess calories in the form of fat and sugars we consume and of course all the refined carbohydrate and sugars will make one feel really lazy while we need all the alertness for the assignments and deadlines.

I hope my blog will help inspire all my young friends to cook a satisfying plate of food !

Any comments welcome.

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